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Welcome To The Neighbourhood 
The Lynx Ridge Estates Condominium Association was formed at the Annual General Meeting on January 27, 2005. As part of the Condominium Association, homeowners are required to pay monthly condominium fees.
Welcome to the beautiful community of Lynx Ridge Estates. We’re excited to have you as our new neighbour and we look forward to meeting you.
There is always a lot to do when moving into a new house, and to help make the transition a little easier, we’ve put together some information that is unique to our neighbourhood, which as of January 1, 2005, is officially part of the City of Calgary. Please take a moment to read the information provided, and if you ever have any questions, please contact one of the Board Members.

Community Information
Lynx Ridge is a small residential neighbourhood in the north-west quadrant of Calgary, Alberta. It is located at the extreme western edge of the city, bordered on the east by Twelve Mile Coulee Road and to the south by the Bow River. Its northern and western boundaries are the city limits and rural residential development within the area of Bearspaw. The community covers 88 hectares and the Lynx Ridge Golf Club winds its way through the neighbourhood. The community was established in the Municipal District of Rocky View in the late-1990s/early-2000s, and was annexed into the City of Calgary on January 1, 2005. (source: Wikipedia)


Lynx Ridge Estates Website
The Lynx Ridge Estates website will be undergoing a redesign which is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

2019 AGM Minutes
The 2019 AGM Meeting minutes are subject to revision/approval at the 2020 AGM.  The 2018 AGM Meeting minutes were approved at the 2019 AGM.

2019 AGM Meeting Minutes

2018 AGM Meeting Minutes

New Management Company Contact Information
Please note that effective September 1, 2014 the Lynx Ridge Estates community has engaged Astoria Asset Management Ltd. to assist the Home Owners Association in the community governance.  Refer to the Management Company page for the updated contact information.

Rockland Park (Previously known as Rowan Park)
The City of Calgary, on behalf of the six land owners, held three Open Houses to solicit feedback from local residents.  Details about the new community can be found on the City of Calgary website at Rowan Park or the community website at Rockland Park.

Centre Street Church Development
The Centre Street Church is the recipient of land next to the Watermark Villas along 12 Mile Coulee Road.  They started construction of the Church in spring 2019.  Please visit the Centre Street Church website at NW Campus or the Damkar Family website for additional information.

Watch Your Speed
The speed limit in our community is 40 km/hr.  Please respect the speed limit especially as the temperature gets warmer and the children that live here spend more time outside.

Garbage Pickup
All garbage must be bagged and placed in proper garbage containers.  There have been problems with wildlife and birds ripping open garbage bags.  Effective January 1, 2013 there will be a 4 bag limit and a maximum weight restriction of 20 kgs (44 lbs) per bag.  The driver will not necessarily lift the container to dispose of the garbage so please do not place loose waste in the containers.  Waste/garbage is picked up every 2nd Wednesday and may start as early as 7 a.m. so please ensure covered containers are placed at the curb by then.  Any garbage that does not meet the criteria specified above will be the home owner’s responsibility to properly dispose of at their expense.

Green Bin Organic Waste Program
Effective in the fall of 2017, the community instituted its own organic waste recycling program which essentially mirrors the City of Calgary program. However, our program is serviced by a private contractor and not the City.  Full details of qualifying items are available on the City of Calgary’s website.  The only exception is that pet waste is NOT permitted in Lynx Ridge green bins.  Green bins are picked up every Thursday and bins MUST be out by 7 a.m. Note that the physical bins are the property of our servicing contractor.  The smaller green kitchen bins were provided by the community and belong to each unit.

Recycling is picked up every Wednesday morning.  Please have your recycling bin outside by 8:00 am and please ensure the lid is properly secured with no items hanging out of the bin.

Condo Fees
The monthly condo fee has been $210.00 since January 1, 2014.  The fee covers utility and contractor costs as well the growth of the Contingency Reserve Fund so we are prepared for the cost of capital replacement items.

An additional monthly fee of $55.00 was added in 2019 to cover the cost of irrigation water now that the community pays the Blazer Water System fees.

Sport Court Netting
In response to a number of requests to partially enclose sport courts, primarily for safety reasons, the Board is willing to put a policy in place to address the situation.  The Board feels a size limited temporary safety netting system would not be considered a fence with respect to our Restrictive Covenant and Easements which define the Lynx Ridge Estates Architectural Standards, including “fences, walls, hedges and enclosing structures”.
Therefore a homeowner wishing to install any type of containment system on a sport court may do so providing that the following conditions are met:

1. An application must be made to the Board and the homeowner will require approval before work begins.
2. The netting system must be of a see-though nature and designed specifically for sport court use.
3. The netting must be installed on a retractable/sliding system and will be retracted when not in use.
4. The poles used to support the netting must be removable and will be removed when not in use for long periods (30 days).
5. The total height shall not exceed 10’.
6. The netting may only be on a maximum of 2 sides of the sport court.
7. The entire system must be maintained so as not to become unsightly in the future.
As well, please be reminded that any major landscaping changes to existing units do require Board approval before work begins.
Thank you for your cooperation, and for keeping our community beautiful.

Sump Pump Effluent
Please note that it is a violation of the Condo Corp bylaws to direct sump pump effluent into the sewer system.  The Board is charged fees by the City of Calgary for the volume of water and waste that flows through the sewer system.  Flow from sump pumps that is directed into the sewer system may negatively affect monthly condo fees if the volume of effluent is significant.  Testing of the flow through the sewer system may need to be conducted to determine where the increased flows are coming from if the situation does not improve and fines may be imposed to those who are directing their sump pump effluent into the sewer system.  Therefore, to minimize City of Calgary charges, please direct all sump pump effluent into ditches or low areas of your lot.


Board of Directors
Board of Director meetings are held about once a month from September to June (the Board does not meet in July and August).  Anyone interested in getting on the agenda, can forward an email to any of the Board Members.

William Sawchuk



Brenda Roach



Ian Herring

Architectural Controls


Paul Griffin

Board Member

Preston Yachimec

Vice President


Brenda Roach



Manny Ferreirinha

Board Member

Lynx Ridge Condominium Corporation Bylaws
Lynx Ridge Phases 1 and 2 amalgamated in March 2011 to form a single Condominium Corporation.  The Condo Bylaws were also updated at the same time and are posted on this page for your reference.  It is important for all current and prospective Lynx Ridge home owners to know and abide by these bylaws.

Condominium Corporation Bylaws

Lynx Ridge Condominium Corporation Architectural Controls
The development of homes in Lynx Ridge is governed by Architectural Controls, which must be approved by IBI Group, the Home Owners Association and Intergulf-Cidex prior to submitting a Development Permit application to the City of Calgary.
The process to obtain Architectural Control approval is as follows;
1. Complete detailed drawings of the house elevations and site plan according to the Architectural Control information posted on this page (the “Roof” and “Exterior Cladding” information is out-dated and alternate selections can be proposed);
2. Submit the elevations and site plan to IBI Group for approval.  Visit their website at for contact information;
3. IBI Group will circulate the drawings and site plan to the Home Owners Association and Intergulf-Cidex for their approvals.
4. An application can be submitted to the City of Calgary for a Development Permit only after IBI Group, the Home Owners Association and Intergulf-Cidex have issued their approvals.

Condominium Corporation Architectural Controls

Lynx Ridge Estates Education Boundaries
The Lynx Ridge Estates community is located within the City limits, however the school boundary still remains within the County of Rocky View.  Please use the link below for more information.

Education Boundaries


Lynx Ridge Estates Management Company
Astoria Asset Management Ltd. manages all of the day to day operational issues with respect to the community, including billing for both condo fees and sewer fees, bylaws and bylaw enforcement, estoppel certificates, annual budgets, etc.

Condominium Fees
As part of the Condominium Association, homeowners are required to pay monthly condominium fees which are currently $265 per month.  Homeowners can pay by either Pre-Authorized Debit payments or 12 post dated cheques.  Pre-Authorized Payments are preferred.  Cheques are to be made payable to Lynx Ridge Estates and mailed to:

Ray Smith, Property Manager,
202, 150 Edwards Way NW
Airdrie, AB T4B 4B9
Direct Ph: (403) 960-0110  Fax: (403) 948-0317

LRE Pre-Authorized Debit Form
LRE Owner Information Form
LRE Notice of Rental Form


Water Provider
Blazer Water Systems Ltd. provides Lynx Ridge Estates with both its potable water and non-potable irrigation water. Please contact Blazer to set up your account and to purchase the required water meter (if your home does not already have one installed).

Blazer Water Systems Ltd.
DaLee Erdely, General Manager
Suite 104, 122 – 17th Avenue SE
Calgary, AB T2G 1H2
Phone: (403) 269-9444 during normal business hours (8:00 am to 4:30 pm)
In a potable water supply emergency, phone the on call emergency line at (403) 921-8949 (24/7/365). Please note if this is not a water emergency applicable charges will apply.
If there are issues with the non-potable irrigation system, please call (403) 269-9444 or email DaLee Erdely.

Lynx Ridge Estates completed the construction of its sewer system in 2005. The cost to maintain the system, which include lift station maintenance and waste water disposal are charged to the Condo Corporation. Lift Station operation and maintenance costs are invoiced monthly and the waste water charges are calculated on a per unit usage basis from an effluent meter reading.
Please note that the wastewater system is not operated by Blazer so in the event of a wastewater issue please contact our property management company at (403) 948-0337 or


Q1)   Which day is garbage and recycling picked up and how many bags am I allowed to dispose of?
Waste/garbage is collected bi-weekly on Wednesdays and blue bins are collected weekly on Wednesdays. Green bins are collected weekly on Thursdays. Please contact our Property Manager for full details on these three programs. Garbage and recycling is picked up every Wednesday morning and should be placed out no earlier than Tuesday evening.  All garbage must be placed in garbage bags which in turn should be placed in securely covered bins/garbage cans.  This is to prevent access by wild animals and birds.  All bins/cans must then be removed from the street by Wednesday evening.  If garbage is left behind (due to too many bags or overweight), it cannot be left at the curb for the next pickup day and must be brought back in and stored.

Each unit is limited to 4 bags weekly with a limit of 20 kg or 45 lbs/bag.  This can be difficult especially during the spring/summer months when disposing of grass clippings or garden dirt.  Please dispose of these items independently by taking them to the City’s waste centres.  Alternatively, if you have a lawn service, please have them removed by your lawn service company.  All bins and/or garbage cans are supplied by the unit owner.

A recycling blue bin should have been left behind by the previous owner.  If this is not the case, please contact Astoria Property Management.  A separate page has been included outlining how the blue bin system works.

Q2)   Who supplies our water?
Blazer Water Systems (not the City of Calgary) supplies both drinking water (potable) and water for irrigation (non-potable). Please contact them to open an account and determine current rates, etc. Full details are on their website at

Blazer’s potable water is sourced from the Bow River and is treated at its water treatment facility which is located at the corner of Bearspaw Meadows Way and Lynx Meadows Drive.  Non-potable water should be used for irrigation and is sourced from the Lynx Ridge Golf Club’s reservoirs.  All LRE units are required to have front irrigation systems and most units have back irrigation as well.  The water is typically available from early/mid May, once the golf course turns on its supply, until early/mid-October.  Note that in the event of no rain and/or high temperatures, alternate day rationing may become necessary.  If this occurs, you should receive an email notice.  Most units have on/off valves at the rear of the property (under an in ground cover) to provide water from the main line.  It is critical that all unit pipes be cleared of water via compressed air prior to winter to avoid damage from freezing.

Q3)   How are the condo fees determined?
Condo fees are typically determined on an annual basis through the budget process conducted by the Board and reviewed by the entire community as part of our Annual General Meeting. Fees are based upon providing sufficient funds to meet annual operating expenses such as maintenance of common areas, waste and recycling, common area utility charges, etc.  A portion of the condo fees also goes towards the Contingency Reserve Fund (CRF).  The CRF accumulates funds to pay for necessary repair/replacement of community assets at the end of their service life. One example would be community street repaving. Your purchase process should have included you receiving the latest financial statement and CRF external study.

Q4)   What type of insurance am I responsible for obtaining?
LRE maintains sufficient insurance coverage only for the common areas and liabilities related thereto. All unit owners should arrange for appropriate insurance coverage as they deem necessary to cover their personal structures, contents, and liabilities.

Q5)   Can I change the appearance of my home and landscaping?
All units are required to meet community standards as defined in the LRE by-laws. Any modifications to the exterior appearance of the home (including colour changes, additions, air conditioning units, etc.)  require the submission of a plan for review and approval by the Board.  Board approval is also required for any changes to the yard such as the additions of sport courts, swimming pools, new trees, fire pits etc.  Identical repairs with no modifications to anything currently existing do not require Board approval.

Q6)   Can I change/improve the ditch?
The Board strongly advises not to change the ditches in any way (e.g. regrading, filling in, putting in decorative rocks, etc.) without first contacting a Board member and discussing what you would like to do. All ditches are common property owned by LRE, not by the unit.  While there is some flow in many locations, the ditches are actually designed to accumulate water and then lose same through the ground or evaporation.  Any changes invariably impact the ditches of neighbors. Even though these are common areas, each unit owner should maintain these areas to provide a consistent and aesthetically pleasing look to their properties.

“Any changes made to the community’s commonly owned ditches without the prior written approval of the Board are subject to future reversal, at the Board’s sole discretion and at the unit owner’s expense.”

Q7)   Can I put a storage shed in my yard?Any storage sheds must be approved by the Board in advance. Any structure placed in the yard must maintain the same colours and materials as the main home.  There are by-laws that must be followed pertaining to the placement of the structure as well.  Please submit a plan to the Board to avoid having to remove the structure if it does not meet the necessary requirements.  Pre-fabricated storage sheds available at garden centres and other retail outlets do not normally meet community requirements.

Q8)   Can I tie my sump pump into the main sewer system of the home?
All sump pumps must be hooked up to their own flow line which should then be routed to a side ditch adjacent to the unit or to the property’s rear. The City measures and charges for all outflows from our entire sewer system and the costs to the community are extraordinarily high. Improperly directed sump pump flow adds significantly to this measurement and ultimately results in higher condo fees for everyone. Please contact a Board member right away if your unit sump pump appears to be tied into you sewer line.

Q9)   What do I do if my neighbor’s yard is not maintained in an acceptable manner?
All units are required to meet community standards as defined by the LRE by-laws. For example, all lawns must be mowed regularly and weeds must be kept to a minimum.  Please contact our Property Manager for discussion.

Q10) What is the speed limit in the community?
The speed limit of the community roads is 40 km/hr. Please respect this limit, as there are many small children who live in the area and enjoy playing outside.  As there are no sidewalks in the community, both pedestrians and vehicles must share the roads.

Q11) What are some of the day to day rules regarding my unit and other properties?
During your purchase process, you should have obtained and fully read a copy of our by-laws which, by finalizing your purchase, you have agreed to adhere to. However, you may wish to now review them again and, in particular, we would draw your attention to SECTION 62 covering USE AND OCCUPANCY RESTRICTIONS.  Should you have any questions around any item contained in this section (or any other) please contact our Property Manager or any Board member.  Notwithstanding the importance of all clauses in section 62, we would particularly draw your attention to clause ix A/B/C/D which covers vehicle parking.

Q12) What if I notice and wish to report a possible by-law violation?
Please contact our Property Manager to discuss. Note that before any investigation, you will normally be asked to place your concern in writing (letter, email, etc.).  Once this is done, the issue will be looked into and you will be advised as to the outcome in due course.

Q13) Is the golf course a part of the community?
While the golf course is very much a part of the area and many residents are members, it is a privately owned business. As such, activities on its property such as bicycling, walking with/without pets, cross country skiing, using as a playground, etc. are not permitted.  No trespassing signs are posted at all access points and should be respected.

Q14) Are there designated playgrounds or play areas within the community?  
There are no such areas within the community, nor are there any sidewalks.  This results in children playing/bicycling/scootering/ skateboarding/walking/etc. on our streets.  We hope that all community members will remember this while driving through the neighborhood and exercise extreme caution.  Parents should supervise or make certain that any children playing on the street are made aware of the potential dangers of such activities.  Children of all ages are encouraged to play in their own or a friend’s yard.  While the community does have fairly low posted speed limits, these are sometimes ignored.  Further, traffic on the bordering 12 Mile Coulee Road and Bearspaw Meadows Way, which have slightly higher speed limits, can also move very quickly.

Q15) Can I walk my pet throughout the community?
However, pets must be leashed and under control at all times.  Further, any waste droppings should be picked up and brought back to your own unit for disposal.

Q16) What can you tell me about wild animals?
It is not unusual to see wild animals such as deer, moose and coyotes within the community or on the adjacent golf course. As they are indeed “wild” interactions with people cannot be absolutely foreseen.  Deer tend to be “skittish” and run away but Moose, on the other hand, can be highly unpredictable and because of their size and weight can present a more significant danger.  Direct contact should be avoided. If you see a moose that appears to be lingering and not just “passing through”, again avoid direct contact and, consider calling the City of Calgary at 311 to report and seek further guidance.

Coyotes are a far more common occurrence and are typically seen in ones or twos but larger packs up to five or more have been observed in the area.  Coyotes have become very “urbanized” and are used to seeing humans.  If encountered they will not necessarily run away and packs should be considered more dangerous.  Coyotes tend to be opportunists when searching for food.  An off the leash or unattended small dog or cat can quickly be captured and whisked away.  Letting pets out on their own, even momentarily, can result in unfortunate circumstances.  Adults and larger domestic animals are usually avoided by individual coyotes but there are no guarantees, particularly if in a pack.  Leaving small, young children unattended should be avoided.  As soon as children are deemed old enough to understand, parents are urged to have a discussion about coyotes.  We highly recommend researching coyotes and their possible behaviours on the Internet beforehand.

Q17) Is there any access to public transportation in Lynx Ridge?       
There is no City of Calgary bus service to/within Lynx Ridge. However, public transportation can be accessed through Tuscany.  The closest bus stop is located on Tuscany Glen Road NW.  This stop can be accessed via an unofficial path leading into Tuscany at the south end of 12 mile Coulee Road.  Please consult com for maps and routes.  Alternatively, there is an LRT C-train station with a park and ride option also located in Tuscany.  To access this station, take 12 Mile Coulee Road north to Tusslewood Dr. NW and turn E.  Turn north on Tuscany Springs Blvd. and follow around to the station. Train frequencies vary depending on the day of the week and the time of day.  Once underway, a train takes about 30 minutes to go from the Tuscany station to the downtown Calgary core. Note that designated free parking spots at the station can be at a premium, particularly on weekdays. Alternatively, prepaid parking spots may be available and Calgary Transit should be contacted in this regard.  Unused prepaid spots become available to anyone for free after 10 a.m. on weekdays.  Please review all onsite signage to be certain of what can/cannot be done.

Q18) What are the designated schools for Lynx Ridge
Lynx Ridge is part of the Rockyview School District.  The designated school for elementary and junior high is Bearspaw School (K-8).  The designated high school is Cochrane High (9-12).  If you are interested in French immersion, then the designated schools are Elizabeth Barrett Elementary (K-4), Manachaban Middle School (5-8), and Cochrane High School (9-12), all located in Cochrane.  If you are interested in the Catholic school division, the designated schools are Holy Spirit (K-6), and St. Timothy (7-12), also located in Cochrane.  The French immersion schools within the Catholic school division are St. Sylvester (K-6), and Madeleine d’Houet (7-9), both located in Calgary.  Please note that specific school designations are subject to change so consult the schools for confirmation.  There are also private school options such as Calgary French International School, Edge School, Rundle School, and Webber Academy. Students wishing to attend a Calgary Board of Education school must apply as an out of attendance area student subject to the approval of the principal and providing there is sufficient space and resources available at the school.  Consult with the CBE for more information.